Updating to L'ambiance 1.2

We've updated L'ambiance so the php 5.6 requirement is no longer the case. L'ambiance now supports php 5.3.29 and up.

To update please follow this guide:

  1. Please backup your database (always best to be sure)
  2. Backup your current ambiance folder. Create a zip and drop it somewhere else.
  3. De-activate and remove your plugins. (No worries, we won't remove your data).
  4. De-activate and remove L'ambiance. (Don't remove existing child theme's)
  5. Upload the new L'ambiance
  6. Activate the theme.
  7. Install and activate your plugins.
  8. Check the main menu option in appearance / menus.
  9. Your good to go.

If you need more help, please do let us know.

Kind regards.